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Online Webshell Detector
SHELLPUB focuses on Detecting WEBSHELL, a free and easy-to-use online WEBSHELL detector
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1.0.0 alpha
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What to do if a malicious file is detected
Remove malicious files from website
After removal, repackage and upload to detect the presence of malicious files
Modify your password (such as ftp, website server, database, os, etc.)
Regularly check the website for backdoors and security issues to ensure website security
Why does the upload fail?

The upload failed. There may be four reasons:

1. The size of the uploaded file exceeds 10MB. Please wait patiently while scanning multiple files.

2. The uploaded file format is incorrect and is not a standard zip package file.

3. The network is unstable and the file upload is incomplete, please refresh and re-upload your Browser

4. The browser version is too low, it is recommended to use chrome or a third-party browser containing chrome kernel

Inaccurate results?

If you find any false positives or false negatives, you can compress the Sample with zip and send to feedback@shellpub.com. Indicate [False Negatives] or [False Positives] in the email title and any other For any questions about webshell analyzing and detecting, you can contact us

Is this service free?

There is currently no charge, and there is no limit on the number of multiple uploads. Downloading the client will provide a better experience.

How does Shellpub detect webshell?

Shellpub Online Scan is the online version of the Shellpub Scan service. The latest detection capabilities will be integrated into the online version first. The webshell detection engine independently developed by Shellpub has complete intellectual property rights and uses static analysis, dynamic analysis, and features-Matching, machine learning and multiple technologies to detect webshell